Unidist on Dask

This section describes the use of unidist with the Dask execution backend.

There are two ways to choose the execution backend to run on. First, by setting the UNIDIST_BACKEND environment variable:

# unidist will use Dask
$ export UNIDIST_BACKEND=dask
import os

# unidist will use Dask
os.environ["UNIDIST_BACKEND"] = "dask"

Second, by setting the configuration value associated with the environment variable:

from unidist.config import Backend

Backend.put("dask")  # unidist will use Dask

For more information on the environment variables and associated configs specific to the Dask backend see config API section.

Unidist on Dask cluster

Currently, in order to use unidist with Dask on a cluster, Dask cluster needs to be pre-initialized. Please refer to its own documentation Dask Guide on how to set up a cluster.